Down to Earth: The Planet to Plate Podcast | It’s the policy, stupid: shifting our food system to benefit farmers and eaters–not corporate monopolies

Joe Maxwell is President of the Family Farm Action Alliance, formerly a state legislator Lieutenant Governor of Missouri, and is retired from the Army National Guard. He’s also a family farmer, and has witnessed the shift from a functional capitalism to one that favors large monopolies at the expense of farmers, consumers, and the earth itself. He knows—from multiple perspectives—that consumer demand alone is not enough to make the shift toward a healthy food system. He lays out the problems—and some ways forward—as we look to a new presidential administration. Listen at any of the links below:


Vox | How Biden can rein in the Big Meat monopoly

How we produce meat has profound implications for people, the environment, and animals. Big Meat corporations operate on an industrial model of animal agriculture that drives farmers off the land, injures workers, traps billions of animals in horrid conditions, pollutes rural drinking water, and in some states disproportionately sickens rural communities of color.

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A Guide to the Farmer Fair Practices Rules

The fight to protect livestock and poultry producers from Big Ag monopolies is as important as it is complicated. We outline the effort to protect farmers and ranchers from corporate abuses, providing a one-stop shop for background, resources, and action steps.

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