About Us


The Family Farm Action Alliance network leverages its research, policy development, advocacy campaigns, and political expertise to achieve a democratized food and agriculture system in which independent actors hold power, rather than a consolidated few. 

We are joined in our movement by farmers, ranchers, rural communities, food system workers, policymakers, advocates, and anyone who eats. 


We envision a fair, inclusive, and competitive food and agriculture system that respects our land, natural resources, and neighbors around the world. 


We understand that discrimination against Black farmers, Indigenous communities, and people of color are symptoms of the same extractive mindset that degrades the land, abuses animals, and traps rural communities in cycles of poverty and social strife. We cannot solve one of these issues without considering all of them. We can only achieve a more just food system by considering each issue, elevating the work of groups experiencing hardships and generating solutions on the ground, and developing a common narrative that brings these diverse stakeholders together.

“No market currently exists to set a fair price for our farmers and ranchers to be paid.” Senator Cory Booker describes how Family Farm Action Alliance inspired him to take on corporate monopolies in agriculture.  

Our Origin Story

Building a Movement for a Fair, Inclusive, and Competitive Food and Agriculture System

From unfair agriculture markets to worker abuses, inhumane animal conditions, and environmental degradation, our founders saw a common theme in our food and agriculture system: at the root of all these issues lies monopolistic corporate control, impacting every one of us. 

Our team got to work. In 2017, polling showed that 65% of people saw corporate monopolies as a big problem, and by 2020 that number had grown to 87%. By connecting and supporting unlikely allies, we spread awareness that abusive corporate power is the common adversary to a resilient and just food and agriculture system. Our mission keeps the interconnectedness of the land, animals, workers, farmers, ranchers, and communities at the forefront of this fight.

Today, Family Farm Action Alliance is a thought leader, policy developer, and network builder for farmers and ranchers, food chain workers, consumers, organizations, and policymakers up and down the food supply chain. Headquartered in Missouri, we are a tax-deductible charitable 501(c)(3) organization that formed as an affiliate of Family Farm Action, a political nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization.

Together, our two organizations represent a seamless chain of action from research and policy development, to the adoption of the policy through legislative action by elected officials who support our vision.