The Truth About Industrial Agriculture:

A Fragile System Propped up by Myths and Hidden Costs

Large, concentrated supply chains once yielded short-term production benefits, but now that industrial corporations have a stranglehold on our food system, we are seeing vulnerable supply chains, unfairly compensated farmers and unprecedented farm debt, poorly-paid and badly-treated workers, environmental degradation, poor public health outcomes, and unequal access to affordable, healthy food.

The truth is, industrial agriculture is an economically flawed system that only survives due to two factors:



Industrial agriculture interests intentionally evade the true costs of production, foisting the bill onto other entities. If they accounted for these costs and liabilities, their businesses would no longer be economically viable and they would not be competitive with independent farmers and ranchers.



Industrial agriculture interests would rather spend billions of dollars on lobbyists and myth-based marketing campaigns than alter their wealth-extracting supply chains. The falsehoods they perpetuate persuade consumers and policymakers alike that there is no other option.


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This report is a tool to educate policymakers, advocates, and the public about the impact industrial agriculture corporations have on the U.S. food and agriculture system.

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